Founded in 1969, Rossendale Rugby Union Football Club has gone from strength to strength. In its early days, games were played on farmland high above Rawtenstall where changing facilities were nonexistent and training venues impossible to find. Standards of rugby were difficult to improve as better and more well-established clubs were reluctant to travel to our unknown Rossendale club.

How times have changed. Rossendale are now a highly respected club renowned for the way in which we play the game. Affiliated to the Lancashire County and Rugby Football Unions, the club has progressed through the divisions of the North West leagues to reach the North Premier League. We field three sides on a Saturday, each of which playing in a league or association fixture and have a thriving Colts, Juniors and Minis section on Sundays.

Club Officials - Past and Present

1970 - 1979: L. Mortlock
1979 - 1983: D. V. Garnett
1983 - 1993: J. C. Howarth
1993 - Now: F. Jelley

1970 - 1973 D. V. Garnett
1973 - 1976 M. V. Fletcher
1976 - 1979 J. C. Howarth
1979 - 1987 W. Entwistle
1987 - 1995 T. Kelly
1995 - Now N. Ingham

1970 - 1970 S. Hudson
1970 - 1973 J. W. Whittaker
1973 - 1974 N. R. Swain
1974 - 1994 P. Brotherton
1994 - Now A. Graham